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CompassionNet for Children

UNI-MBR-MDM CompassionNet Program Coping with Childhood Illnesses

Coping with Childhood Illnesses

The CompassionNet philosophy is no child should face unnecessary pain, and all families can hold on to the hope of healing.

When a child has a potentially life-threatening illness, the family is often overwhelmed physically and emotionally. Providing the support families need during their child's illness is CompassionNet. A program recently introduced by Univera Healthcare, CompassionNet coordinates comprehensive services for Western New York children with serious health conditions and their families.

The program is open to Univera Healthcare members. Although families insured by Univera Healthcare already have access to excellent medical care if a child becomes very ill, CompassionNet takes that care one step further.

CompassionNet substantially expands the scope of care for very sick children and provides assistance for their families. Physicians, nurse practitioners and other health professionals may make referrals to the program.

Unlike traditional hospice care, CompassionNet accepts patients who may experience full recovery and doesn't restrict life-prolonging treatments. The program's philosophy is that no child should face unnecessary pain, and all families can hold on to the hope of healing.

A CompassionNet case manager develops an individual plan of care for each enrolled child and his/her family. The case manager coordinates social and support services beginning at diagnosis and throughout the course of the child's illness - even if those services may not be a benefit under the family's health plan. Before CompassionNet, few seriously ill children were able to receive this kind of "all-inclusive coordination of care" that combines institutional and community-based services. For one family, it may mean arranging for a child undergoing chemotherapy to have a wig, while for another it is securing counseling for the child's siblings.

Little Things Make All the Difference

Little things seem to make the biggest difference. One child's parents just wanted respite, for an evening out by themselves. For another family, it was having their child's blood drawn at home and avoiding long, frequent journeys to the hospital. And for one mom, it was seeing her daughter, who was in constant pain, receive a massage and then smile in momentary relief.

Families report that CompassionNet has offered tremendous comfort during their time of need by providing a community support network that helps them cope with their child's serious health condition and treatment.

The CompassionNet case management program is accepting referrals from community pediatricians and pediatric specialists. Physicians may make a referral to the program by calling (716) 857-6211 or toll-free at 1-877-741-3915.

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